Global Insights

Workplace Brand and Wayfinding Experience

Comprehensive design, development and global standards rollout of an integrated brand and wayfinding experience for a consumer insights startup.

Brand Experience / Experience Design / Wayfinding Design / Global Standards

With a unique address on a prominent thoroughfare, a sculptural and bespoke sculptural placemaking monument was designed to create an iconic brand landmark against the industrial architecture. As a consumer insights company, the brand story of “knowing and treating the customer” is made visual through bold dimensional graphics positioned at meeting points throughout the space.

Monochromatic surfaces are punctuated with moments of brand color. To clearly identify meeting spaces bold identification graphics is integrated into colorful privacy bands with themed floor level identifiers. Accessible room signage is discreetly aligned into the horizontal banding. Playful icons and typography are extended throughout the campus as functional identifiers that could be easily applied to other workplace environments in international contexts.