Oasis Center

Guest Navigation and Wayfinding Experience

Development for the guest navigation strategy, wayfinding and signage typologies, brand integration and information design baseline for a 1M ft2 (400,000 m2) lifestyle and retail center in the Middle East.

Wayfinding Strategy / Experience Design / Information Design / Systems Design / Brand Integration

Planning for a full user journey begins with the approach to the site. A large iconic monument with a new identity, vehicular and pedestrian directionals for several large car parks, and placemaking identifiers for the multiple entry gates to the complex. Concepts for digital and physical directory typologies were developed to allow for future proofing and ease of management by the owner. Full development of identification and directional navigation for multiple parking structures and below grade garages allows for ease of movement for guests.

With three levels of retail, a dozen entry gates, and multiple signature destinations throughout the complex meant getting people to the services and amenities as seamlessly as possible. International symbols were used and ultimately customized for amenities such as restrooms and restaurants. A complex site bounded by major thoroughfares and multiple grade changes, the vehicular signage needed to primarily direct visitors to garages and valet zones. Secondary destinations were identified as gates with additional destinations including a mosque, cinema, hypermarket and hotel.