COVID Testing Kiosks

Brand and Information Experience Design

Develop, prototype, and test the brand information user experience design for the first series of scaled COVID-19 testing kiosks deployed throughout communities across the US to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brand Design / Information Design / Experience Design / User-Experience Design

In an effort to de-medicalize the experience and process of COVID-19 testing a brand voice was developed to support an experience that is reassuring, calming and contextually connective to users. The graphic toolkit consisting of colorful circles, symbols, playful words, and iconic imagery were explored and used across all touch-points.

Brand and informational touch-points were developed and tested onsite, further extending the visual language across physical assets. The physical prototypes generated essential feedback required to refine the testing process, interface, and graphics. Usability testing at sites such as Los Angeles Union Station, a major mobility and micro-mobility hub provided an opportunity to elevate equitable testing access to underserved communities.

Widespread publicity through social media helped advance the efforts to scale testing collaborations with public agencies, cities and states to stop the spread and ultimately save lives. The iconic kiosks instant recognition was an an early indicator of the success of the program’s extension of the core brand.