Digital Check-in

Guest Experience Innovation

Content and media development, brand integration, and systems strategy for a first-of-its-kind digital guest check-in experience as part of a $2.4bn terminal renovation at one of the west coast’s largest international airports.

Brand Design / Information Design / Experience Design / User-Experience Design

After a full discovery of technical and service needs, a series of wireframe models were developed to determine various service states that could be used at various times to achieve a clear and streamlined information interface for all users and guests. With change as a constant, future proofing the content management system for carrier moves was key for check-in areas. A plug-and-play approach would allow for ultimately flexibility in multi-carrier spaces. Levels of carrier brand integration were explored from light touch to full immersion. The first phase of the digital ribbon implementation consisted of full carrier branding for the subsequent phase of carrier moves to the new terminal. Service areas, carrier identification, and ambient refresh motion graphics were deployed for day one. The digital ribbon user experience integrates the new typography and identity elements developed for the physical wayfinding masterplan. The digital media seamlessly flows into the architecture and compliments the new physical wayfinding products.